Welcome to Department of
Artificial Intelligence at Yonsei University.

From the philosophical discourses of AI as well as the core technology of AI to the ethical impact of AI on society, we will help you grow as an AI expert with a broader perspective.

Artificial intelligence aims to realize computer intelligence comparable to human intelligence.
With the advent of the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the need to nurture artificial intelligence specialists is emerging all over the world, including Korea.
To meet these demands, Yonsei University established the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence in 2019 and then established the Department of Artificial Intelligence for undergraduates.
The Department of Artificial Intelligence at Yonsei University, which belongs to the Sinchon campus and recruits the first freshmen in 2022 (capacity of 20), aims to nurture world-class experts in the field of artificial intelligence.

We provide a systematic curriculum on the latest artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, big data, computer vision, robotics, natural language processing, and human-computer interaction on the basis of basic curriculum such as computer programming, mathematics, algorithms, and statistics.
Taking advantage of the largest university in Korea, we will also provide various convergence programs with other majors so that graduates can grow into artificial intelligence experts with a broader perspective that can examine not only artificial intelligence core technology but also artificial intelligence philosophical discourse.

Chair of Artificial Intelligence