Mobile Embedded SystemLab

Prof. Hojung Cha


Engineering Hall 4, Room 814

Lab Introduction

Mobile Embedded Systems Lab aims to build an optimized mobile system considering the characteristics of mobile embedded devices with limited computing, memory, and energy resources such as smartphones, IoT, drones, and EVs. Specifically, 1) cross-device web technology that distributes mobile web functions to multiple devices and shares resources, 2) researches on-device machine learning technology optimization and flexible deep learning system technology for smartphones or IoT, 3) harvesting energy Various researches are being conducted, such as research on building and optimizing batteryless device systems that operate through , 4) optimizing energy storage composed of EV-class multi-cell batteries. He is presenting his thesis at top-tier international conferences in the field of systems such as MobiSys, MobiCom, Infocom, Sensys, Ubicomp, PerCom, EMSOFT, etc., and a number of graduates have attended not only domestic large corporations and research institutes, but also Google, Apple, Amazon, Qualcomm, UC riverside. We are conducting research at large overseas companies and academia.

Research field
Mobile computing On-device AI Cross Device Web Batteryless system Machine Learning Based System Optimization
Representative Papers
  • Y. Choi, S. Park, S. Jeon, R. Ha, H. Cha, "Optimizing Energy Consumption of Mobile Games," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2021, DOI:10.1109/TMC.2021.3058381
  • S. Park, Y. Choi, H. Cha, "WebMythBusters: An In-depth Study of Mobile Web Experience," 2021 IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2021), Virtual Conference, May. 10-13, 2021.
  • Y. Choi, S. Park, H. Cha, "Optimizing Energy Efficiency of Browsers in Energy-Aware Scheduling-enabled Mobile Devices," The 25th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom 2019), Los Cabos, Mexico, Oct. 21-25, 2019.